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Want to learn a new trade and earn a good income in a safe environment? ABL is keen to nurture and support people with a good attitude, who are hard-working, eager to learn and will be a team player.

ABL does this through its comprehensive three- to four-year apprenticeship training programme, designed to teach learners the skills they need to become a top carpenter.

ABL employs 16 apprentices across its four branches.

Towards completion of your apprenticeship ABL will also help stand-out apprentices acquire their own tools, and/or financially support their continued learning in a carpentry-trades apprenticeship programme at a regional Polytech.

If you are interested in applying for an ABL apprenticeship, and joining the ABL team, contact your local office for more.

Dunedin-based Construction Supervisor Trevor Hart talks about his experiences in placing ABL apprentices.

 “I’ve been in the building industry ever since I came out of school,” says the amiable 59-year-old.

My view is that someone took the time to train and teach me, so we owe it to the industry to train some of these young men. We owe it to try and enhance our own industry.”

A man who clearly cares about his job and working with young people in particular, Hart liaises closely with each apprentice, carefully pairing each one with an older, more experienced hand.

I really enjoy my job and looking after and helping these young men through their training,” he says.

I also can’t speak highly enough of my leading hands and top carpenters who have the patience to work with them.

ABL can provide a clear career path, as seen with the many former apprentices who are now lead hands and top carpenters with the company.

Their success is due in part to the selective screening process. Hart chooses apprentices carefully, looking for qualities he knows will make them excellent tradesmen.

And with a one to two-month trial period, Hart and his foremen – as well as the apprentice – can find out quickly whether he or she will be the team player ABL is looking for.

Our company motto is team performance, and we practice that,” Hart says.

And that comes right through from the top. We believe no one person can do it – ABL’s strength is in how we work as a team.

Safety is also a critical part of the company culture.

“Health and safety is a huge factor in today’s industry. We’re getting away from that macho image,” says Hart.

If there’s one message Hart instils in his apprentices, it’s this: If you’re unsure of heights or you think something’s not quite right, just say so.

“Apprentices have got to understand that they are entitled to their say – just like everyone else.”